Together, Let's Make History In Ajax

Darlene Dawson Ajax Resident

Carion Fenn is a valuable asset and a voice to reckon with not only in Ajax but across Durham Region. She is very passionate when it comes to issues facing Ajax residents. She has made significant contributions to many community initiatives she is involved with". With her leadership qualities she would be a good Mayor for the town of Ajax.

Esther Enyolu, Executive Director, WMRCC of Durham.

Facebook Comments....

  • Rob MacArthur Wish you all the best... finally a candidate for positive change...
  • ​​Darlene Dawson I can't wait till you WIN and we have a new mayor 
  • Cheryl Pitter Congrats hun. I'm very proud of you  😘
  • Merv M. Webb Wowwwww Carion Fenn all the best
  • Avery Babb Exceptional!
  • Irene McDougall-Nugent Carion we're overdue for some change in Ajax.. you'd be perfect for the job  😊 you got my vote & support  😁
  • Darlene Dawson I've been letting friends know that you are running and they will be voting for you  :) they all agree AJAX NEEDS A CHANGE, and the fact that a WOMAN IS FINALLY RUNNING FOR MAYOR IS THE CHANGE THEY WERE LOOKING FOR  :)
  • Frances Collins Congratulations and I'm sure you'll win and you'll be a wonderful mayor
  • ​​Geoff Dougherty Congrats. You'll do well when you become Mayor​.

I am happy to have met Ajax Mayoral candidate Carion Fenn. Being an Ajax resident, raising a family and owning a business in Ajax, I must say after our conversation and discussing her platform, I am convinced she will be a breath of fresh air for Ajax in many areas whilst taking our town in a better economic direction. Best regards,

Cassandra Carmichael, Ajax Resident & Business Owner

It’s about time this town has a WOMAN IN THE MAYOR’S OFFICE.  Considering how much you’ve already done, and are still doing to make this town a better place to live in; who better for the job.  I know you hate the word “disability” but you live with something painful and because of this you are trying to improve the lives of people living with conditions that are painful.  You also have experience the “ugly” side of going to the hospital, and how people are treated when they have multiple conditions and instead of whining and complaining you joined the committee that is trying to improve hospital care in Durham Region.   

Even though my husband and I have only known you for almost 2 years we have so much respect for you. You do an amazing job as a single mother, help total strangers with your Health show on Ajax 10, and run a great support group for people with rare diseases.  We both hope you win this election so the rest of Ajax can benefit from your experience, compassion, knowledge and big heart.


  • Lloyd Rang: Words that get people talking.
    This is amazing.
  • ​Geoff DoughertyService Consulant at car dealership
    Congratulations for your candancy for becoming Major of Ajax. Best wishes on your campaign to become Major.

What They Say....Testimonials

Carion Fenn has been a loyal customer at the Ajax Staples store for many years. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to get to know Ms Fenn. On many occasions we have had conversations about the history of Ajax and the many changes it has endured over the years. We've discussed what she can do to support the local businesses in the area especially along Harwood Avenue. Her passion, drive and her love for the town of Ajax is undeniable. I can see why she has put her hat in the ring to run for mayor.  She has supported the Ajax community and local businesses through various means.

Carion Fenn should be the next mayor because she has proven herself to have the experience, leadership and judgment to work with residents and businesses to improve our community. Yours truly,

Fifena Goudreau, General Manager, Store 46 Staples, Ajax

In March 2018, I joined the Carion Fenn Foundation Team, newly graduated from Centennial College in Bookkeeping and Business Foundation.  It was very difficult to get an organization to give me a chance to utilize my education and abilities.  I sent out my resume to over 100 organizations, but nobody gave me a chance.   I got tired, drained, and discouraged.  Carion Fenn, recognized my abilities and gave me a chance to help her foundation and help me grow with experience.

Back when only 2 people were running for mayor I said jokingly “I hope you run for mayor” so I don’t have to spoil my vote.  To tell you the truth I wasn’t joking.  I didn’t know how to tell you that I thought this town needed someone like you to run for mayor.  You can’t believe how happy and proud I was when you confided in me, about thinking of running.

It's Time For Change                                                                                                                                                          Award - Winning Healthcare Advocate


  • Thomas Robson‏ @Thomas_RobsonON Jul 16Thrilled to see my friend @carionfenn take the plunge into municipal politics. The @TownOfAjax will be lucky to have her serve them. #onpoli​(Peter Bethlenfalvy - MPP, City of Pickering), Campaign Manager

Honestly, she is a wonderful woman because I was trying to get a volunteer opportunity in the Accounting field, no one offered me volunteer opportunity but Carion offered me a great opportunity as a bookkeeper at her Charity.   Carion is a strong-willed woman.  She is a helpful, motivated and determined person. Base on my experience working with Carion Fenn, she cares about each and every member of her community.  I think she would be a great Mayor for The Town Of Ajax. Thank you.

Kajani Ravindradas, Carion Fenn Foundation Volunteer. 

Carion Fenn is a truly amazing person with a big heart for the Ajax community. She is passionate about helping others, bringing people together, and improving the lives of the residents of Ajax. Carion is a creative visionary, a team player, and an impressive leader. As a business owner & employer in Ajax since 2010, I know there are many challenges facing the business community today. Carion Fenn is my choice to lead Ajax forward to a more prosperous future where no one is left behind. I whole heartedly endorse Carion Fenn for Mayor of Ajax.

Jordan Gatto, President / CEO Gatto Bros Inc.
Koodo | Telus Authorized Dealer