Sustainable & Livable Communities: 

  • Support the waterfront.
  • Support Carruthers Creek.
  • ​Seniors support.
  • Mental Health support.
  • Local Hospital support.
  • Youth engagement and support.
  • ​Health Care advocate. 
  • ​Diversity & Inclusion advocate.
  • ​Accessibility advocate.
  • Ensure the town keeps our green-spaces for all residents to enjoy.
  • Affordability is key.
  • Keep property tax increases at or below inflation.
  • Reduce tax burden on residential tax payers without giving up services.
  • Increasing revenue streams outside of residential tax bill. 
  • Advocate for increased provincial funding to provide better community housing. 


  • Work with Durham Regional Police, Canada, and Ontario to ensure the safety of our communities. Consult with the relevant stakeholders.
  • LISTEN to our communities, ask what they need to prevent crime.  
  • STRENGTHEN community policing.


  • As Mayor, I will be the main ambassador and sales person for our town.
  • We need to continue to push for investment in Ajax.
  • We need to protect jobs in our town.
  • Successor Employment Strategy.
  • Push for a reduced governance term, to make room for new and innovative leadership.
  • We need a Mayor who can do this through collaboration with Durham Region. 

It's Time For Change                                                                                                                                                          Award - Winning Healthcare Advocate

Together, Let's Make History In Ajax

Carion Fenn

Town of Ajax Mayoral Candidate 2018

Candidate for the mayor of Town Of Ajax

Platform:         Mayoral Candidate 2018